A Bold Bathroom Design for a New Build

McRoberts Plumbing took on a project to revamp and design a bathroom in a new-build property. The bathroom was small and lacked any sort of wow factor. The client dreamed of having a free-standing tub in their bathroom but would it be possible with the current bathroom set up?

This case study goes into the details of the project, highlighting the challenges, what change was needed, and how we got the job done.

bathroom renovation ayrshire

The Challenge

The challenge presented to us was clear: to create a bathroom with a wow factor. The client wanted a space that gave off a design element that would instantly catch the eyes of all those who use the space. 

The wishlist included a freestanding bath while also keeping the shower. Free-standing baths look amazing, although showing them off fully can be difficult when squeezed into a smaller room. Careful planning from our team was required to develop a plan that could bring our client’s ideas to life.

The Solution  

Having a shower over a freestanding bath wasn’t feasible as there would be no way to seal the shower to the wall, and using it could easily cause flooding issues.  After considering our options, we boldly suggested that we significantly expand the bathroom by removing the wall that separated it from an unused bedroom. 

This created a much larger space where we could create a main bathroom with a freestanding bath and a separate walk-in shower area. With the extra space, we also added a double-wash hand basin vanity unit with backlit mirrors for a designer appeal. A shelving area with internal lighting completed the look while providing practical storage space to keep things looking good in the bathroom.

The New Bathroom

What was once a cramped and generic space had been transformed into a showstopper of a bathroom that catches the eye of anyone who uses it. 

Within a week, the homeowners had the bathroom of their dreams; one that will add value and a unique selling point to their home, but more importantly, will give them enjoyment for years to come.

Overall, we’re delighted with how this project turned out. We feel it really makes the property stand out and will be a talking point for our clients when they have visitors for years to come.

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Bathroom design ayrshire
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bathroom renovation ayrshire
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Bring Your Bathroom Ideas To Life

This case study shows how creative a bathroom redesign can be. At McRoberts, we take pride in listening to our customers and providing them with solutions to make their ideas a reality. 

We could easily have said that there simply wasn’t enough room for a free-standing bath, or worse added a shower to one with no regard to the issues that would cause further down the line. Instead, we looked outside the box (or in this case, the room) and came up with a plan that created a main bathroom like no other.

Get In Touch With Us 

If this has got you excited about a renovation of your own we would love to hear your ideas.

Reach out to us today, and we can work together to give you the bathroom of your dreams.

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