Revitalising Office Comfort: A Modern Boiler System Upgrade for a Commercial Building

This case study highlights the successful replacement of outdated boilers in a commercial plant room, responsible for providing heating to a large office building that houses various companies. 

The original boilers, installed in the early 1990s, had not only become inefficient but also posed a safety risk due to their deteriorating condition. 

This transformation involved adopting newer, high-efficiency Vaillant boiler systems, ensuring optimal warmth for the occupants.



The commercial plant room had been equipped with ageing boilers, relics from the early 1990s. These outdated units were not only grossly inefficient but had also suffered from extensive corrosion, with one eventually bursting. 

Given the critical role of the plant room in maintaining a comfortable environment for office occupants, swift action was imperative. The timing was especially significant as the upgrade began just as the chill of winter started to settle in

commercial boiler replacment
commercial boiler installation

The Solution

The solution lay in replacing the old, floor-standing boilers with a modern Vaillant boiler system, consisting of two 80 Kilowatt boilers. These boilers were efficiently hung on a cascade jig, coupled with an array of strategically chosen pumps, filters, and components to ensure flawless operation. The entire system was meticulously designed to meet the diverse heating needs of the commercial building.


The project’s primary challenge was to minimise disruption to the office occupants. People working in offices tend to be more sensitive to cold temperatures, often seated at their desks for extended periods. Therefore, a swift turnaround was vital to restore the heating promptly.

commercial boiler refit
Commercial boilers for offices

The Outcome

The implementation of the new Vaillant boilers has been a resounding success. Modern boilers not only deliver efficient heating but are also poised to do so for many years to come. Furthermore, they offer significant cost savings compared to the outdated, inefficient models they replaced.

The office occupants now enjoy a warmer, more comfortable workspace, even in the coldest of seasons. This upgrade serves as a testament to the importance of regular maintenance and keeping heating systems up to date, ensuring the well-being and productivity of those working in commercial office spaces.

Financing Your Comfort 

We understand that new boilers can seem like a large investment. Especially when you’re running a business, you have many expenses which may seem more important. 

However, having a working boiler will be incredibly beneficial as you move forward. An efficient boiler can help you save money on energy bills and reduce the risk of heat loss, keeping employees and visitors happy. It also ensures your safety and reduces the risk of accidents due to age and inefficiency. 

McRoberts Plumbing & Heating extends a helping hand with budget-friendly options. These include interest-free financing, conveniently spread over 24 months, and comprehensive boiler coverage packages, ensuring enduring heating solutions.

At McRoberts, we’re committed to making safe, affordable heating accessible to everyone.

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