Modernising Heating Systems for Business Comfort

A managing agent in Stevenston, overseeing a substantial industrial building housing multiple business offices, reached out to McRoberts Plumbing & Heating to discuss upgrading their boiler systems

The existing Ferroli boilers, over 30 years old, were consistently breaking down, leaving the businesses without heating and hot water. Unhappy clients struggled to operate in freezing offices, prompting the need for a reliable and efficient heating solution.


Our Assessment and Proposal: Designing a Modern System

Our commercial estimator conducted an initial survey, identifying the poor state of the 4 x 100 kilowatt Ferroli boilers.

Recognising the need for a modernised setup, we proposed the installation of 4 x 100kw Vaillant eco tec boilers, a new pressurised hot water cylinder, and advanced pump sets and controls.

This not only ensured reliability with a 5-year guarantee but also promised improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Ferroli 100 KW boiler
Cherry picker used for commercial boiler repair

The Implementation: Overcoming Flue System Challenges

Upon client acceptance, we commenced the installation. A challenge arose with the new boilers as they required a different flue system. The modern setup demanded a flue to rise four stories, venting to the atmosphere. 

To address this, our team updated their health and safety training to operate a cherry picker, which we rented for the task. 

Fortunately, favourable weather conditions during the installation days ensured a smooth process, with our team working efficiently outside and at height.

The Outcome: Helping Clients with Modern Solutions

The project’s successful completion left both the client and McRoberts Plumbing & Heating delighted. 

The modern solution not only guarantees reliable heating and hot water but also significantly reduces operational costs in the face of rising energy bills. The new boilers require only an annual service and safety check, a task seamlessly handled by our dedicated maintenance team.

By addressing the challenges posed by outdated infrastructure, McRoberts Plumbing & Heating has provided a sustainable and efficient heating solution, ensuring comfort for businesses within the industrial building.

Vaillant Eco Boilers
commercial boiler refit

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