Commercial Boilers

Whether you’re experiencing issues with your boiler and need someone to come and check it out, or you need a new, more efficient boiler installation to save your business money – you can trust McRoberts Heating and Plumbing to get the job done right. 

We offer fast and efficient services here at McRoberts. We know how troublesome it can be when there’s a problem with your boiler, so we aim to be with you ASAP after you make your call. Read on to find out what we can do for you.

Here at McRoberts Plumbing, we supply a range of boiler services for commercial businesses, including:

On-Call Commercial Boiler Repairs

When you’re running a business, losing access to your hot water or heating due to a boiler malfunction can mean closing your store and losing substantial money. At McRoberts, we want to ensure this doesn’t happen, so we offer a quick on-call boiler repair service to get you the help you need when you need it. 

If you want to place a call with us, we’ll send out one of our accredited boiler experts to help you ASAP. McRoberts can provide servicing for all oil, gas, and LPG boilers, and our engineers can offer you important advice on how to keep your boiler functioning after the repairs are completed.

Boiler repair

Boiler Care Package For Commercial Businesses

Covering Ayrshire & Glasgow

If your business relies heavily on your boiler working, for example, if you own a cafe or restaurant that needs hot water, we recommend getting our Boiler Care Package

Our monthly care package plan gives you easy access to a team of experts who will come to your property anytime you suspect an issue with your boiler or if your boiler is due servicing. This can be incredibly useful in preventing larger damage that could lead to boiler failure and larger repairs which could be time-consuming.

If your boiler stops working, our engineers will attend to your property as quickly as possible and do a full repair at no additional cost to your monthly plan. And, in the case that the cost of the repair is too high to be covered with the plan, then we will replace your old boiler with a new one.

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Commercial Boilers Servicing

When operating any commercial business, you must get your boiler serviced. Servicing helps to identify any issues with your boiler, such as build-up in the pipes or wear and tear to important parts needed for functioning. 

Protecting your property, workers, and customers from safety risks is also important. We can ensure that your boiler is meeting safety regulation standards.

When we arrive, our qualified engineers will look at your boiler and identify if any work needs to be carried out. If there are any bigger issues, for example, if your boiler is on its last legs and might require a replacement soon, we’ll chat to you about your options and let you know the full cost of repairs.

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Why Pick McRoberts Plumbing And Heating For Your Boiler Repairs?

McRoberts specialises in heating, so boilers are a massive part of what we do – we understand the intricacies of heating and can easily identify why your boiler may not be working to its full capacity. McRoberts has got you covered if you’re looking for a team of highly skilled professionals who can deliver fast and efficient service for your boiler.

Arrange Installation, Servicing, Or Repairs For Your Commercial Boiler

You can get in touch with us today to arrange your service. You can contact us at 01563 820 559 if you need our on-call repair service or wish to speak to someone about booking an appointment. Or, you can email us at to arrange your installation or service.

We are happy to help!

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