Everybody wants to save money on their bills, especially when it comes to heating their home. And with gas and oil prices rising, saving energy and, therefore, money is becoming ever more prevalent in the minds of home and business owners up and down the nation.

At McRobert’s Plumbing and Heating, we are heating specialists. We deal with all kinds of heating systems on a daily basis, and as such, we have some tips that can help you save on your heating bills.

Let’s delve into our advice for saving!


Bleed Your Radiators To Save Money On Household Heating Bills

Bleeding your radiators is something that most people will know they need to do to look after their central heating system but rarely commit to. Radiators, just like any other piece of machinery, will need to be looked after to ensure they work as efficiently as they can. Bleeding them is a vital part of this process.

We’d recommend bleeding your radiators twice a year to keep them functioning in tip-top shape. Letting the excess air escape the radiator will mean that it can heat up and cool down more efficiently. This will mean that they’ll use less energy to do so.


Have Your Boiler Serviced Annually To Save Money On Business Heating Bills

As heating experts, we highly recommend that you have your boiler serviced at least once a year. Having your boiler serviced is a good way to catch potential issues before they become a major problem. It is also an excellent way for your boiler to be maintained and prolong the lifespan of the individual components of the boiler itself. 

All machines need maintenance, and boilers are no different. Thankfully, we offer boiler care packages that include annual servicing that may be of interest to you. A more efficient boiler will use less energy to heat your workplace, and this will, in turn, save you money across the year.

We recommend getting your boiler serviced around July to September time, just before the winter months start coming around.


Try Switching To Carpeting Flooring For Your Home Or Business

This is a simple but effective tip to heed. If you don’t have carpeted flooring and you’re finding that your home or place of business is cool most of the time (even when you don’t want it to be), then having carpets laid could help fix this issue. 

Carpets will, after all, provide an extra layer of insulation to keep the heat in.


Get Winter Curtains For Your Main Rooms

Many homeowners will stick to having one set of curtains all year round. However, choosing to buy a thicker set of curtains to use during winter will help you trap heat inside your home. Windows – even if they are double glazed – are one of the ways heat will escape a home. Thick winter curtains can help prevent heat from escaping. 


To Conclude

Keeping heat inside your home or business is half the battle when it comes to saving money on heating costs. But equally, keeping your heating apparatus – such as boilers and radiators – in pristine condition is also a large contributing factor.


Try these tips out and start saving on those heating bills!

Got questions around some of our own services for heating systems? Then be sure to reach out. We are happy to give our customers energy saving advice and talk about money saving options via the service we offer.