How To Choose A Boiler Care Package

When it comes to boiler care, it is imperative that you take care of every aspect of your boiler – not just the main boiling unit itself. Ensuring everything from the pressure gauge to the plumbing to and from the boiler is working efficiently is paramount to running an efficient heating system for your home.

Too many people fall into the trap of waiting until something is wrong to call out a plumber or a heating engineer, which can oftentimes turn out to be more costly in the long run. 

Regular maintenance of your boiler will allow you to stay on top of its maintenance, which means that more expensive call-outs will be few and far between. Most expensive call-outs result from a vital component of the boiler needing to be replaced.

In addition, regular maintenance will also keep your boiler running at maximum efficiency, which can – in the long run – save you money on your energy bills.

The question now becomes, which boiler care package is right for you? At McRobert’s, we offer three packages that differ from what they cover, as we are well aware different homeowners will require different services from us.

 Read on below to find out more about the three different packages that we offer.


  Our Three-Star Cover Package

Our three-star coverage is the most cost-effective package that we offer here at McRobert’s Plumbing and Heating. It is designed for homeowners that need regular maintenance but only for their boiler unit. 

The package includes an annual service as standard, carried out by one of our qualified professionals with industry-standard accreditations. And the monthly fee that you’ll pay, it’ll include all the parts and labour required for the servicing of your boiler.

This package also includes unlimited call-outs with a timely response for when you need us most in boiler emergencies. All this is offered with no excess to pay!


Our Four-Star Package

Our four-star coverage includes all the benefits from the three-star coverage but with some added benefits. For the price you pay for this boiler care package, we’ll also look after radiators and pipework linked to your central heating system.

We offer these additional services with no excess to pay, just like our three-star package.


Our Five-Star Package

The five-star package is the most comprehensive cover that we offer to home and business owners. This package includes all the benefits of our four-star package but expands upon it to include all pipes, plumbing (such as sinks and toilets), drains, and dishwasher connections.

For those who use gas fires, this package also covers one gas fire. 


In Conclusion

Choosing the right package for you will depend upon how frequently you think you’ll need our services. If you have a fairly large home with a lot of plumbing requirements, it may be best to opt for our five-star cover.

However, if you live in a bungalow, it is very likely that our three-star cover will be satisfactory for you.

Choosing which package is ideal for you is all about your own personal circumstances. If in doubt, you can always reach out to us, and we can help inform you about our packages at greater length.