What Is A Boiler Care Package?

Many homeowners fear any problems occurring with their boiler, but with a convenient boiler package, you’ll be covered. You must take care of your boiler to avoid big repairs and keep your home running smoothly, from leaks to complete breakdowns, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Here’s all you need to know about boiler packages and how they can benefit you.

What’s included in a boiler care package?

The purpose of a boiler care package is to have your maintenance and repairs included in a cost-effective bundle. Depending on your budget, this may include your annual service, unlimited call outs, pipework, parts and labour and other plumbing work such as blocked drains.

Why invest in boiler care?

You never know when your boiler may need repairing and managing this among other things can be stressful. Having a boiler care package means you’re covered all year round so just one phone call will send an engineer to your home and have the costs covered.

Top reasons to invest in a boiler care package includes:


  • You can save money: The monthly cost of a boiler package can save you hundreds of pounds on repairs. Unexpected costs can have a big impact, especially on top of a big energy bill, however, these type of packages cover a whole range of services in at an affordable. 



  • You’ll have peace of mind: Instead of trying to find an available engineer when your boiler fails, you’ll be on the priority list when you purchase a boiler package. This means you can have peace of mind that all repairs will be done promptly.


  • You can prevent big repairs: Sometimes, when you notice that your boiler is performing differently you may be put off from calling an engineer because of the cost. But, with unlimited call-outs included in your boiler package, small problems can be fixed before they progress.

At McRoberts Plumbing, based across Glasgow and Ayrshire, we’re on hand to cater for your plumbing and heating needs. Our boiler care packages are designed to provide all year protection so you haven’t got to worry about unexpected breakdowns in the middle of winter! With three packages available to suit all budgets, get in touch with us today for more information.