Four Reasons to Invest in a Smart Thermostat

//Four Reasons to Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Technology continues to rapidly expand into every area of our lives; from the ways we entertain ourselves, to how we work, do our shopping and manage our homes. Smart thermostats are one piece of technology that’s become more prevalent over recent years, with more and more companies offering them as a way to control your home’s heating and air conditioning.

You might be thinking, ‘my thermostat is already programmable, so what’s the difference?’, but a smart thermostat offers many benefits that a traditional model can not. If you’ve been thinking about making the switch, see below for just four great reasons to invest in this smart technology.

Lower electricity bills

A smart thermostat allows you to programme the exact temperature you want your home to be, and at what time, potentially saving you money by not wasting energy heating an empty house. Smart learning systems are also able to adapt and monitor which temperature is comfortable, so you won’t waste money by having the heating on too high.

They can be programmed remotely

Smart thermostats can connect to an app on your phone, allowing you to control the temperature of your home while you’re out and about. Eliminate the time spent waiting for your home to heat up when you step through the door; simply programme your thermostat remotely while you’re out and enjoy the warm and cosy house waiting for your return.

Bespoke solutions to suit you

Smart thermostats also allow you to ‘zone’ rooms, which can help to save money on your energy bills. You might find that some areas of your home are much cooler or hotter than others, so it simply doesn’t make sense to have one core temperature throughout. Smart heating allows you to create a bespoke solution to suit you, with different temperatures in each room or at different times of the day.

They’re better for the environment

The less energy you use, the lesser the impact on the environment, so a smart thermostat can help you be more green, too. They’re optimised to be as energy efficient as possible, partly by memorising your home’s energy use routine, which can help to reduce your carbon footprint,

If you’ve been persuaded to upgrade to a smart thermostat, get in touch with the team at McRoberts Plumbing and Heating Engineers. We’re the proud suppliers of innovative smart thermostats and smart oil sensors, helping you to reduce your energy consumption, save money and reduce your carbon footprint. For more information about our smart systems, or any of our other heating and plumbing services, don’t hesitate to give us a call today or visit our website.