Signs It’s Time to Discuss a New Bathroom Installation With Your Plumber

//Signs It’s Time to Discuss a New Bathroom Installation With Your Plumber

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any building. This is where we freshen up before heading to work and unwind with a relaxing shower after a long day. For this reason, your bathroom should offer everything you need for a comfortable and refreshing experience. Over the years, what you want from your bathroom may change. It may be that your design preferences have changed or an elderly member of the family has moved in; either way, if your bathroom doesn’t serve you the way it should, it’s time to call a plumber. Below, we list some of the main signs it’s time to discuss a new bathroom installation with a plumber near you:

Your bathroom design is outdated

If your bathroom design feels old-fashioned and outdated, you may want to update it with help from a bathroom installation company and plumber. Experimenting with interior design is a perfectly valid excuse to renovate your bathroom. This is one of the first rooms you’ll use in the morning and one of the last you’ll use at night, so it’s important that it suits your style.

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, there are lots of beautiful styles and designs to consider. You might choose to create a minimalist bathroom, or perhaps you’d prefer a quirky bohemian look. Whatever your preferences, there are plenty of options available to you.

Your bathroom isn’t modern enough

Of course, updating your bathroom isn’t just about aesthetic appeal. If your bathroom is outdated, it may also lack certain features and appliances that you’d like. Many modern bathrooms now embrace technologies such as heated towel holders, smart taps, atmospheric lighting, built-in television screens and much more. If your bathroom feels too old-fashioned for your liking, it’s time for a renovation!

There are many great ways to modernise your bathroom, and it doesn’t necessarily mean having to install high-tech features. For an instant update, you could give the walls a lick of paint, fit contemporary lighting fixtures and modernise your bathroom appliances.

Your want to change your bathroom style

Today, there are lots of different bathroom styles to consider. You might opt for a traditional bathroom suite or a stylish wet room – whatever your preferences, there’s a style for you. If you want to update your current bathroom for a different style, it’s time to call a plumber.

A qualified plumber will be able to fit bathroom suites or individual appliances, depending on your preferences and budget. Or, they’ll be able to transform your current bathroom into a wetroom if this is something you’d like. This is a particularly popular renovation choice for people with restricted mobility.

It’s time to take care of wear and tear

Over time, bathrooms can become shabby and dilapidated. Wear and tear can build up and make the space look poorly maintained. Sometimes, all it takes is a lick of paint to completely revamp a room, however, some bathrooms will require more than this. Peeling paint, broken bathroom tiles, chipped vanity units and cracked shower enclosures can make a bathroom look worse for wear, so this is something you’ll want to keep on top of.

Unfortunately, repairing these damages individually will add up. If it’s going to cost lots of money to repair the wear and tear in your bathroom, consider renovating it all together. In the long-term, a new bathroom installation will add value to your property and will require less maintenance.

Your bathroom doesn’t suit your lifestyle

Another sign that it’s time to update your bathroom is that it no longer suits your lifestyle. It may be that you’ve recently moved in with a partner and would like individual sinks. Or, perhaps you need somewhere to get ready for work in the morning, but your current bathroom doesn’t have a big enough vanity unit for all your products. Whatever the reason, renovating your bathroom allows you to design a space that suits your lifestyle.

When you call a plumber that specialises in bathroom design and installation, they will be able to offer advice tailored to you. Discussing your requirements will enable them to design and install a bathroom suite that suits your needs.

There’s not enough space in your bathroom

Is your family about to expand? Do you struggle for space in your bathroom? If you’re constantly knocking bottles of shampoo over or banging your elbow on the shower door, it may be a sign that it’s time for an update. Just a few changes to the layout of your bathroom could make it feel significantly more spacious, but it’s important to call a plumber if you plan to move appliances around. These will need to be taken out and fitted by a professional, so never attempt this yourself.

To create additional space in your bathroom, consider fitting wall-hung cabinets and space-saving appliances. For instance, you could remove your shower enclosure and install a shower head in your bathtub instead. Or, you might decide to strip out your bathtub and shower enclosure all together and replace them with a wet room. There are lots of ideas to consider discussing with your plumber.

You would like a more accessible bathroom

Another sign that it’s time to update your bathroom is that it’s not accessible enough for your requirements. Whether you have restricted mobility or you live with an elderly member of the family, making sure your bathroom is accessible is essential to the safety of its users. Fortunately, there are many ways to increase the accessibility of your bathroom space.

One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to fit a wet room. With a wet room, all bathroom users can walk into the shower area without needing to step into a shower enclosure or bathtub. Other changes include fitting handrails next to the toilet and removing any cabinets underneath the vanity unit. This will make it easier for anyone who uses a wheelchair to use the bathroom comfortably.

You’ve had to call out an emergency plumber more than once

If you’ve had to call out an emergency plumber multiple times over the past year, it’s probably time for a new bathroom installation. Whether you’ve had problems with leaking pipes or poorly fitted bathroom appliances, sometimes it’s best to replace bathroom fixtures rather than repair them over and over again. This is something your chosen plumber will be able to advise you on.

When it comes to finding a great plumber to take care of the job at hand, it’s important to find a contractor company that also specialises in bathroom installations. They’ll have the skills and resources needed to offer design advice, as well as high-quality plumbing and heating services, ensuring your new bathroom installation suits your requirements.

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