How to Keep Your Drainage System in Good Condition

//How to Keep Your Drainage System in Good Condition

When a problem occurs with your drain it can have a big effect on the running of your home. From unusable appliances to bad smells and blockages, you’ll want to get things sorted as quickly as you can. One of the best ways you can prevent drainage issues is by making sure you’re using your drains in the right way,

Read on for our top tips on keeping your drainage system in good condition.

What can you put down your drain?

Getting into the habit of using your drain properly will prevent problems further down the line – it may seem easier to pour everything down the same drain but a lot of items and liquids are not designed for this type of disposal.

You should not put the following items down your drain:

Sanitary products – Feminine hygiene products are designed to absorb water, so flushing them down the toilet is a bad idea. Always thrown them in the bin or you may find they get stuck in the pipe.

Food – After you’ve eaten, food scraps should be placed in a food waste bin so they can be recycled. If small pieces of food end up down your sink that shouldn’t be anything to worry about, however, some items such as starchy food like rice and pasta are difficult to dissolve and have a tendency of getting stuck.

Grease, oil and fat – Pouring these liquids don your drains can result in a sticky mess! Over time, grease, oil and fat can begin to coat the inside of the pipes, stopping anything else from passing through.

Wipes – Most wipes say they are flushable, however, they do not disintegrate and can become lodged in the pipe and have become one of the most impactful items on the environment.

You can put the following items down your drain:

Toilet paper – Your toilet and sink are only designed to dispose of certain materials such as toilet waste and toilet paper.

Smooth liquids – Squash, juice and water are usually fine to pour down the drain just be weary of liquids that contain bits, a well as coffee granules.

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