How to Prepare Your Home For Autumn

//How to Prepare Your Home For Autumn

September marks the start of autumn and that means crunchy leaves, hot chocolate and cosy jumpers. While many people look forward to the transition from warmer to cooler weather, it’s also important that you make sensible changes in your home so you can stay warm and ensure your appliances can survive through winter.

Read on for our top tips on preparing for autumn.

Layer up

As it gets cooler, you’re likely to spend a little more time at home, especially in the evening, rather than braving the cold weather. And there’s nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa and watching your favourite film. To make your home cosier, why not layer the blankets and throws on your sofa and bed? You could also change your duvet to a thicker tog to keep you warmer at night.

Cover draughts

Even small draughts can have a big effect on how warm your home is. Under doors, around windows and in between floorboards, cold air can sneak in and create an unpleasant chill. Making sure your windows are properly sealed can solve this problem, as well as using draught excluders and laying down a rug to cover up gappy floorboards.

Winter-proof your boiler

Autumn and winter is primetime for your boiler, so it’s important that you have it checked over before this period. But remember, this is a popular time of year for heating specialists, so be sure to arrange your appointment with time to spare. Calling a professional engineer will ensure there are no underlying problems with your boiler, that could escalate during colder weather. Pipework can also be insulated to reduce the risk of burst pipes during fluctuating weather conditions.

Bleed your radiators

If your radiators are colder at the top than they are at the bottom, this is a sign that they need to be bled. When air gets trapped inside, this can cause an unequal distribution of heat, and consequently insufficient heating of your home. By having a quick search online, you can find easy, step by step guides on how to bleed your radiators, potentially improving your energy bills.

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