Help! Do I Need a Plumber or a Heating Engineer?

//Help! Do I Need a Plumber or a Heating Engineer?

When a worst case scenario strikes like your boiler breaking or a pipe bursting, this can send you into panic mode. And with the summer coming to an end, now’s the time when these areas of your home really need to be in tip top condition, in preparation for the colder weather. From cooking and washing up to doing laundry and taking a shower, water is used in many aspects of the home, as well as keeping your property toasty warm. But who should you call when something goes wrong? If your boiler breaks down do you need a plumber or a heating specialist?

Knowing exactly who to call in an emergency will get the problem dealt with a lot quicker, and help you save money on the call out fee. So, for a detailed overview of plumbing and heating services and who you need in each situation, this blog will get you up to speed, so you’re prepared for all eventualities.

What’s the difference between a gas engineer and a plumber?

Often, when something goes wrong with your boiler, your first point of call will be a plumber. However, while a plumber can repair and maintain your radiators and pipework they may not be trained to work on your boiler or gas pipe. Anyone working on your boiler needs to hold Gas Safe qualifications, and for a business to be on the Gas Safe Register they must have at least one qualified member working in their company. That’s not to say all all plumbers are not qualified to fix boiler and heating problems,

Plumbers can:

  • Work on water-based bathroom and kitchen appliances
  • Repair radiators
  • Fit domestic appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers

Gas engineers can:

  • Fit and maintain boilers
  • Check your gas supply
  • Carry out gas safety checks

Situations where you need a plumber

With water being used everyday, it shouldn’t be surprising if you’re in need of a plumbing-related repair. In most cases, plumbing issues are relatively easy to fix by calling a plumber – you should never attempt a repair if you inexperienced as this will likely make the problem worse. Plumbers are trained professionals, who can assess the problem and get it fixed pronto, so below we explain some of the most common situations when you may give one a call.

Burst and leaky pipes

Old pipes, or pipes that are badly fitted are prone to burst, and when this happens you could end up flooding your home. Additionally slow leaks and running toilets can have an effect on your water bill, so don’t leave these problems to go unresolved.

Appliance installations

Perhaps you’re having a new kitchen fitted and your appliances need installing, in this case you’ll need a plumber to complete the job. It’s important that all plumbing of your appliances is done properly, so leaks don’t occur and your household doesn’t need to go on standby when more complicated problems occur.

Blocked pipes

If the water in your sink or bath is draining slowly, then you may have blocked pipes. When household items are not disposed of properly, such as sanitary products, wipes and cooking fats, this can cause real trouble by clogging up your pipes so water cannot flow freely. Unlike hair and soap scum which can usually be removed through the use of shop bought unblockers, bigger blockages require professional help which may involve taking apart the pipes to pull out the lodged items.

Situations where you need a gas safe engineer

Keeping your home warm and providing hot water, your boiler is an appliance that needs to be taken care of. For a professional service always go with a safe safe engineer, who can safely and professionally work on your boiler. Here are some occasions when you may need a gas engineer.

If you’re looking for a reliable engineer in Kilmarnock or Ayrshire, Scotland, McRoberts plumbing are the people to call. Whether your boiler is not functioning as it should or you’d like a completely new installation, we can help.

Gas safety checks

All landlords have a responsibility to maintain their gas-powered appliances to ensure their property is safe for tenants, and this is where gas safety checks come in. Boilers, hobs and other appliances could be at risk of serious problems such as leakes, fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. Conducted by a gas safe engineer, the assessment will check for leaks, the condition of gas pipes, operating pressure and other relevant areas.

Boiler installations

Your boiler is one arguably the most important appliance in the home, so when it’s time for an upgrade don’t skimp on a cheap model. A high-quality boiler will last you well into the future, and having a gas engineer fit this for you will ensure that everything is connected properly.

Boiler repairs and maintenance

Many energy companies recommend servicing your gas boiler every year to make sure its operating properly. Hidden faults that start small can progress into bigger problems, in fact, it’s estimated that around 250 people are hospitalised as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning each year. By getting your boiler serviced, gas engineers can pick up on small faults and nip them in the bud before they escalate, giving you and your family peace of mind.

How to look after your plumbing and heating

Aside from calling in a plumbing and heating specialist, there are things you can do yourself to maintain your boiler and plumbing.

  • Familiarise yourself – knowing how to operate your boiler properly will prevent you from using it in the wrong way. If it’s new, ask the installation engineer to show you the basics, ad read the manual for further details.
  • Don’t ignore signs – if your boiler is making a strange noise or the water is rising in your sink, don’t ignore these signs. In most cases getting these issues resolved as soon as they arise will resolve things immediately, however ignoring them puts you at risk of the problem escalating into an emergency situation.
  • Get a care package – regular call outs can be pricey, so opting for a year round care package could be a great alternative. These packages may include unlimited call outs, no excess, and all parts paid for.
  • Prepare for the changing seasons – in the summer you won’t be using your central heating, or at least not as much as you would during the winter, so it’s a good idea to make sure your pipes are prepared for winter. Overnight, pipes can freeze and when hot water tries to push through and this can lead to a burst pipe. Instead, get prepared and call a plumber who can winter guard your home.

McRoberts: The plumbing and heating experts in Scotland

Many people forget about the importance of their boiler and heating, until the temperature drops and they start turning up the heating. However, the boiler is responsible for producing hot water all year round and having well-maintained plumbing is just as important. If you’re wondering, is there a gas engineer near me? Here at McRoberts plumbing, based in Scotland,  we have a team of experts qualified to complete both plumbing and heating jobs so you can get the best of both worlds. From small repairs to installations and care packages, get in touch today and find out more about our services.