Four Common Plumbing Problems

//Four Common Plumbing Problems

When problems occur with your plumbing this means it’s time to call a professional plumber. Issues come in all shapes and sizes and while some problems are easily solved some can become a lot more complex if they aren’t dealt with quickly.

To keep your home’s plumbing in good nick, this blog will explain four of the most common times you need to call in the experts.

Blocked drain

All homeowners will experience a blocked drain of some sorts, and when it does occur it can cause real havoc in the home. From rising water to bad smells, blocked drains are usually down to soap scum, hair and incorrect disposal of household items. It’s essential that the drain is not used as an alternative bin, as when food and other items such as sanitary products are flushed down, they often become stuck and are hard to dislodge.

Leaking taps

Dripping taps are a common problem within many households, which can cause irritation during the night as well as increase utility bills – even a single dripping tap can have a big effect on your monthly outgoings. In most cases the cause of the dripping is down to a stiff or worn internal washer. This is a simple repair but it does require the right tools, so always seek help from a professional to ensure you don’t cause any further damage.

Low water pressure

If your shower and taps are trickling rather than gushing, then this is probably a sign of low water pressure. This is more likely to be a problem in older homes where pipes have become corroded over the years or are in need of other repairs. However, low pressure can also be a result of a build-up within the pipes which needs to be drained in order to return normal water pressure throughout the home.

No hot water

One of the most common reasons for plumbers to be called out is due to problems with hot water, and during the winter months this can become a big problem. Lack of heat can be attributed to several faults such as issues with your boilers timer, boiler pressure and leaks. As the hub of the house, your boiler is responsible for many of your appliances, so don’t attempt any repairs yourself, always call a professional plumber who can get the job done the right way.

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